2019.12 - Data Release Log


With the holiday season and projects in progress, there are few changes.

Record Counts

The following are the updated record counts for each vertical:

  • Business data increased by 2 million to 91.3 million
  • People data stayed at 10.7 million
  • Product data increased by 9 million to 182.2 million
  • Property data increased by 14.1 million to 60.7 million

New Sources

The following data types have received new sources:

  • 4 Business data sources


  • Removed data from rightmove.co.uk due to issue with data gathering app
  • Changed all "Not For Sale" to "Off Market" and added "Pending" status for Property data
  • Updated 3 Business data source, 1 Property data sources, and 2 Product data sources