2020.10 - Data Release Log


Big news! Product database has been classified entirely! Also, we have new provider for our people data. Cleaned up some lingering data issues which should help with merging in business data.

Record Counts

The following are the updated record counts for each vertical:

  • Business data decreased by 6.5 million to 119.2 million
  • People data decreased by 11.3 million to 2.5 million
  • Product data increased by 12.5 million to 245.3 million
  • Property data increased by 8.4 million to 159.1 million

New Sources

The following data types have received new sources:

  • 1 People data source
  • 3 Product data sources


  • Cleaned business keys and improved logic to improve merging
  • Cleaned product brands field to remove generic phrases
  • Updated 4 Product data sources and 4 Property data sources