2023.01 - Data Release Log


Updates to Product & Property Sources, new importation method of people data, and added our first county property crawler.

Record Counts

  • Business - 128,256,120
  • People - 3,047,701
  • Product - 477,674,296
  • Property - 172,240,937

Product Source Updates

Repaired Chloe.com, BestBuy.com, Gap.com, Tesco.com on issues obtaining UPC / gtin

Property Source Updates

Updated Compass.com to account for new broker's data
Updated Realestate.com to account for new broker's data
Repaired Loopnet.com - complete rebuild to obtain data that represent our property data schema

New people data

  • New people data focused on the US / Candian Real estate job markets.

First county property crawler

  • We’ve added Harris County property data to our property database.
  • This data will give you more insight into tax assessments, tax records, and owner information.


  • We identified and patched an issue affecting property records from importing from our data crawler. This bug was identified on Dec 18th and fixed on Dec 20th.