2022.7 - Data Release Log


New mostRecent fields add to existing product schema to narrow down the most recent data of a specific product field. New product sources added via customer requests. Added broker data to new & existing property records as part of a recent effort to improve what you can search for.

Record Counts

  • Business - 124,741,205
  • People - 2,996,031
  • Product - 454,737,250
  • Property - 162,498,333

New Sources

New sources were added from common requests from Datafiniti users.

The following data types have received new sources:

  • 2 Property data sources - focusing on the UK property market. This is to further fill out our growing demand for property data outside the US market
  • 2 New Product sources - Focusing on books, computer, and electronics. This was added to help enrich our product data with a wider variety of price geared for comparative analysis.


  • Bug fixes to Redfin and BestBuy scraper.
  • Fixed Bronze account sign up bug not allowing first time searches through the Datafiniti portal.
  • Fixed Billing information bug not being sent correcting via the API to stripe.