2022.9 - Data Release Log


Views now added to Datafiniti User Portal. User of their account can now select their default or other data type views when performing a download. New product source tesco.com added.
Data Enrichment now available in beta for user to try out.

Record Counts

  • Business - 125,673,191
  • People - 2,996,031
  • Product - 470,801,904
  • Property - 168,801,686

Property Source Updates

Updated Zoopla.co & Rightmove.co.uk on crawl pattern to increase coverage.

Product Source Updates

Tesco.com added.
Added (early deployment) Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca


  • Added mostRecentPrice info and adjusted certain status/propertyType extractors for Redfin
  • Fixed minor bug with downloader on user portal downloads.