2023.05 - Data Release Log


New home sale data - transactions, enhanced our delisted status coverage, and release of the new Datafiniti website.

Record Counts

  • Business: 128,609,390 unique records with 353,270 records newly added
  • People: 3,133,843 unique records with 86,142 records newly added
  • Products: 480,789,424 unique records with 3,115,128 records newly added
  • Property: 174,045,137 unique records with 1,804,200 records newly added

Property Source Updates

  • Added Williamson County tax records crawl
  • Updated Redfin.com yet again
  • Updated Apartments.com
  • Updated Compass.com - delisted statuses added
  • Added Waller County tax records crawl
  • Updated Estately.com - delisted statuses added

Other Datafiniti releases

  • We have updated both the design and pricing plans of the Datafiniti.co website.
  • Now splitting business, people, products, and property into separate data plans.