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API request to get the real time price ?

Hello Team, i have subscribed in the bronze plan .. I couldn't find in your support documentation the json request format to get real time price by supply UPC code as input, I am trying the request from postman. kindly share the query has has to be fired to get the real time price.

Adding to a prior data set

As a new user, I downloaded a set of 10,000 records with about 4,200 remaining in the desired set. If I choose to download the remainder next month, do I simply request the same dataset (14,200 records) and presume the system will know to only provide me the "delta" from the previous month? How can I ensure getting only new records?

pricing about getting data for price tracking

Hi Hunter, I have more detailed information about requirements. You remember one week ago... the tracking price system our needs are: 3-5 site sources (Amazon, Best Buy, Wall Mart...I have seen that u have also BHPhoto and CostCo), 30-50 products detailed, of which we have the name (we can set the URL), updating every day (it' important this issue) within 10 categories (that I think you have already , because are mainstream categ) for 4 months. Firstly we need only the price (perhaps other information, that we can get at the same price, using some filter. Correct?) we are a dept of economics of the Academy of GENOA (IT) http://www.economia.unige.it/ The question: How much does it cost? You have talked about a 50% reduction (Univ discount) and You told me that the Silver Plan would be OK, roughly.... Thanks en advance, and I wait your answer, Good day, Paolo

Business API restaurant menus filter?

Hi, I'm building an app where I want to display a restaurant's menu. Assuming the restaurant has multiple locations, if the location the user identified doesn't return a menu, what is the best method to find the next best location that does?


sir how to create my api key

About Data Type

Can i able to get data for product recommender system based on buyer location and age. ?