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API Querying Products by UPC

Utilizing the api can you search by any data set, for example UPC? I want to query products by the UPC or EAN (GTIN) for more accurate results.

Request a product by name or model number

I'm looking to build a tool for cataloging individual assets or belongings. There are multiple possible input/search methods but would a user be able to simply enter an object name or model number? Once identified we would want to store that object with its details under that user profile. They could then use the categories and other fields to organize the assets.

API request to get product details by passing the product URL ?

What should be the query to get the product details by passing the URL of the product ?

API request to get the only reviews by passing UPC code ?

Please provide the api request format (query format) that should be used to get the views by passing UPC code and also let me know the sources from which you collect the reviews?

API request to get the real time price ?

Hello Team, i have subscribed in the bronze plan .. I couldn't find in your support documentation the json request format to get real time price by supply UPC code as input, I am trying the request from postman. kindly share the query has has to be fired to get the real time price.

Adding to a prior data set

As a new user, I downloaded a set of 10,000 records with about 4,200 remaining in the desired set. If I choose to download the remainder next month, do I simply request the same dataset (14,200 records) and presume the system will know to only provide me the "delta" from the previous month? How can I ensure getting only new records?

pricing about getting data for price tracking

Hi Hunter, I have more detailed information about requirements. You remember one week ago... the tracking price system our needs are: 3-5 site sources (Amazon, Best Buy, Wall Mart...I have seen that u have also BHPhoto and CostCo), 30-50 products detailed, of which we have the name (we can set the URL), updating every day (it' important this issue) within 10 categories (that I think you have already , because are mainstream categ) for 4 months. Firstly we need only the price (perhaps other information, that we can get at the same price, using some filter. Correct?) we are a dept of economics of the Academy of GENOA (IT) http://www.economia.unige.it/ The question: How much does it cost? You have talked about a 50% reduction (Univ discount) and You told me that the Silver Plan would be OK, roughly.... Thanks en advance, and I wait your answer, Good day, Paolo

Business API restaurant menus filter?

Hi, I'm building an app where I want to display a restaurant's menu. Assuming the restaurant has multiple locations, if the location the user identified doesn't return a menu, what is the best method to find the next best location that does?


sir how to create my api key

About Data Type

Can i able to get data for product recommender system based on buyer location and age. ?