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Business API restaurant menus filter?

Hi, I'm building an app where I want to display a restaurant's menu. Assuming the restaurant has multiple locations, if the location the user identified doesn't return a menu, what is the best method to find the next best location that does?

how do I run a search and limit it to one departmental store?

Hello, We currently have bronze and are trying your Product data API. We are trying to limit search to Target store only, and are using the below json. but we are getting : "errors": ["Providing merchants is not permitted."] { "query": "name:(Prepaid Calypso)", "format": "json", "download": false, "num_records": 1, "merchants":[{"name": "Target"}] } The above works without the "merchants" element. Please advise


Hello I need my user rating for the product Your database has this?

List of Sites Refenced for Business Data

Is there a list of all the sites you use to curate data for Business Data? For instance, here is an example list from a recent API call: www.bbb.org us-street.api.smartystreets.com www.dexknows.com www.yellowbook.com citysquares.com www.merchantcircle.com I'd like to know if there is a full list of *all* sites you use? In addition, is there a process to get you to include additional sites? Thanks!

Geo Location filters

I am curious about your geo queries for businesses. Is there any other way to query location as a filter?

Not getting imageUrls in properties/search API

Hello somehow I can't get property imageUrls in the list of data, I am calling this API https://api.datafiniti.co/v4/properties/search. can you please help me with this issue?

Can we have multiple categories or brands in request body for Product data API

API : https://api.datafiniti.co/v4/products/search body: { "query": "categories:chocolate AND brand: payday", "num_records": 1 } In the above body, can we add multiple categories or brands in queries? Note: We don't want to use * which returns everything. Instead we are looking for some specific categories For ex: All the shoes for Nike, puma, and adidas

Property Owner

Is Property Search capable of returning a property owner's name? I didn't see this field listed in the API schema. If Property Search is capable of returning a property owner's name, my company would be interested in hearing more information. Thank you, Alec


How do i get this information from the business query