Contact new home owners


Datafiniti's property data can be used to generate lead lists for individuals or homes that have just purchased a new home. You can use our advanced query syntax to generate a targeted lists.

Searching for recently sold single-family homes

Many property listings include information on when a property was sold. We will utilize the syntax next to find a list of properties recently sold.

  "query":"country:US AND transactions.buyerFirstName:* AND transactions.saleDate:[2023-01-01 TO *]",

You may sub out the date range of saleDate to whatever time period that pertains to your use case.

This query is a little complex, so let's explain what's happening:

  • We're using a buyerFirstNamewildcard to guarantee that the home owner is their.
  • Transactions.saleDatewith show us only records with the start date until *. (current date)

Eliminating newly built houses from your search

We can also use the yearBuilt field to find older homes:

  "query":"country:US AND transactions.buyerFirstName:* AND transactions.saleDate:[2023-01-01 TO *] AND yearBuilt:[* TO 2018]",

By using a range query on yearBuilt, we can find every property that is no older than 2018.

Here is a sample of what this transactional data may look like.

 "transactions": [
     "saleDate": "2023-01-08T00:00:00.000Z",
     "documentType": "Grant Deed",
     "price": 173000,
     "sellerFirstName": "Seanot",
     "sellerLastName": "Hembree",
     "buyerFirstName": "clif",
     "buyerLastName": "Mccurley",
     "loanType": "Conventional",
     "parcelNumber": "056-670-034-000",
     "contactOwnerMailAddressFull": "18158 OLD WARDS FERRY RD"

Refine the search by propertyType (multi-family & land)

Now we will and additional modifiers to search for multi-family housing and open land plots.

  "query":"country:US AND transactions.buyerFirstName:* AND propertyType:(\"Multi-Family Dwelling\" OR land) AND transactions.saleDate:[2023-01-01 TO *] AND yearBuilt:[* TO 2018]",


Comparing buyer data to Datafiniti's people data

After compiling a list of records with first names, last names, and general locational geographics, you can query Datafiniti's people database to find out more info.

Please visit our documentation on gathering people contact information to learn how to query people data. This will allow you to gather phones, emails, and other contact information for reaching out to new home buyers.

Example files

Here are example bulk download files of our previous query:


With the knowledge of how to pull records with new homeowner data, you will have the capability to contact and create lead data. You can also further enhance this data with reference to Datafiniti's people data as well.