Portal: Settings

Datafiniti Settings Walkthrough

The "Settings" page allows you to change settings on your account, access downloads, and download your Postman Collection for API integration!

1. The "Settings" Page


Clicking on "Settings" in the left navigation bar of the portal window, will allow you to access your "Settings" page.


Your profile tab has your account information, your user token for API integration, and the button to generate your own, unique postman collection for easy end point setup!

2. Edit Your Profile


From this page, you can edit your profile details.

3. Change Your Password


Type the new password into both (1) "Password" and (2) "Confirm Password" then click the (3) "Update" button to change your Password.

Optionally you can reset through an email here.


Password reset & your API token

Please note, if you reset or change you password to your account, that this will regenerate a new API token for your account. If you have automated scripts / code with the old API token you will have to replace it with the new token.