Product Data Specific Use Cases


There are specific top level fields that you as a developer can utilize with Datafiniti's Product Search API endpoint. This is a brief overview of product specific use cases that be further developed for your specific use case.


Product Data Schema

All reference to our top level Product data fields can be referenced here.

Searching by Unique Identifying Product Codes

First step is to find out the Unique Identifying Product format of the code being searched for. We have several top level fields that correspond to these code formats here. Once you have Identified the code format you can perform an exact match search.


Unique Identifying Product Fields

Listed here are all product unique identifiers Datafiniti supports:
To learn more about each field you can visit our Product Data schema page.

  • asins
  • ean
  • ean13
  • ean8
  • gtins
  • isbn
  • manufacturerNumber
  • skus
  • upc
  • upca
  • upce
  • vin

We recommend starting with GTINs as it is the number that is encoded into a barcode of the product. A list of all GTIN values will include all ean, isbn, and upc values and can be found in this fields array results. This approach would guarantee that you find all unique code attached to this product in one query. Rather than including multiple fields o r executing multiple searches. However you can use which ever unique identifier fits your use case.

"query": "gtins:\"889526371005\""

Datafiniti Record Formatted Result
"gtins": [

Searching For A Manufacturer's Model Number

While some unique identifiers are unique to the product itself, manufacturerNumber is related to a brand / manufacturer's internal references. We recommend when searching for a manufacturerNumber that you include the brand AND/OR manufacturer as well in your query. This methodology is to guarantee that your results find exactly what you are looking for.

"query": "manufacturer:BlueDiamond OR brand:BlueDiamond AND manufacturerNumber:5065"

Datafiniti Record Formatted Result
"brand": "BlueDiamond",
"manufacturer": "BlueDiamond",
"manufacturerNumber": "5065"